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Facial Plastic Surgery

I had Rhinoplasty several days ago. When I saw my nose at the mirror recently, I noticed, that the tip of my nose is lifted high, which does not look natural. The doctor told me that it's going to return into a more natural form after a while. Will it really change and go down? If so, when can I expect it to happen? (نمایش سوال)
How long do I need to take off from work after eyelid surgery? (نمایش سوال)
Where is the incision for eyelid surgery? (نمایش سوال)
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How is Rhinoplasty performed? (نمایش سوال)
I'm getting a deviated septum and a hump fixed all in one and I wanted to know what kind of scarring I should expect. Also, how long is it after the operation that I'll see good results? (نمایش سوال)
How much does rhinoplasty cost? (نمایش سوال)
When will the cast be taken off and does this hurt? (نمایش سوال)
What is rhioplasty , Nose job ? (نمایش سوال)
I am 16 and have been thinking of rhinoplasty for a long time. At what age is it safe to have a rhinoplasty? (نمایش سوال)
Why are pictures taken before and after surgery? (نمایش سوال)
What does a typical Rhinoplasty consultation entail? (نمایش سوال)
I have to get my cast off soon and wanted to know if it is going to hurt? Is there anything I can do beforehand? (نمایش سوال)
When will I be able to see the results? (نمایش سوال)
How Rhinoplasty ''nose job'' is done? (نمایش سوال)
What are the risks of Rhinoplasty? (نمایش سوال)
I recently had a rhinoplasty & septoplasty, its almost 6 months & on one of my nostrils I still can hardly breath. Is this normal? (نمایش سوال)
I'm going to get my nose done soon and my doctor also recommended me getting a chin implant because he says my nose will still appear 'big' since my chin goes a little further in then it should...Do people get both these procedures at the same time? And do you recommend I should do this? (نمایش سوال)
I have thick nasal skin and a surgeon I spoke with said that I may not be able to see much detail with my rhinoplasty? Is this true? Should I see another surgeon? (نمایش سوال)
It's been five months since my surgery and now since I started to get back in shape and returned to my gym. I have notice that when I run and workout my nose drips. It is very runny, here I am walking away and every few min. I have to use a tissue. Is this just part of the healing stage or need I bring this up to my doctor? Its really annoying! Has anyone experienced this at all? (نمایش سوال)
Are there any new techniques to repair a deviated septum. Is cauterization used? Does the nose always have to be packed after surgery? (نمایش سوال)
Is it improper to ask to speak with previous patients who have had revision rhinoplasty done by the surgeon I am considering for the same procedure? (نمایش سوال)
What is a "hanging columella"? (نمایش سوال)
My PS mentioned a shot of cortisone to help some of the scar tissue. Why is this and what will this do? (نمایش سوال)
What is rhinoplasty? (نمایش سوال)
When can rhinoplasty be performed? (نمایش سوال)
I used to be addicted to cocaine. As a result, my past (I'm recovered) addiction left a hole inside my nose, between my nostrils. Can I have the hole filled? (نمایش سوال)
Is it possible for someone to be allergic to dissolvable stitches? And if so, what would the reaction be? (نمایش سوال)
What should I expect post-operatively? (نمایش سوال)